How much do you charge employees for your service?

There is no charge to employees to apply with us.

Do you help us with the immigration process?

Construction Crew can provide you with any information which is publicly available on the Immigration New Zealand website www.immigration.govt.nz. There is no charge to employer or employee for this. If however, you require specialist immigration advice we will refer you to one of our licensed immigration advisers; Allister Simpson, Full License No. 200901795 or Catherine Poulter Full License No. 201502647.

What happens when we arrive in New Zealand?

We do our best to meet all “Crew” at the international airport as they arrive in New Zealand.We will ensure your first night’s accommodation is organised and inform you if permanent accommodation arrangements have been made.

What about Tax numbers and bank accounts?

We will provide you with the forms for this and if possible, we will do this with you upon your arrival to New Zealand.

How much will it cost to have a licensed immigration advisor complete my work visa application?

The cost for a work visa application is NZ$1750. This is paid in two equal parts; upon engagement of the licensed immigration adviser and upon issuance of the visa.

Can I apply for residency?

Not all skilled migrants are able to apply for residency however some job titles are of a skill level that enables the foreign worker to apply for residency. Some of our clients are accredited by Immigration New Zealand and therefore can offer the opportunity of residence after 24 months of employment in NZ.

Can I bring my family with me?

Yes, and in some cases your partner can get a partner visa which will enable him/her to work for any employer in any role.

What happens if I get to New Zealand and I can’t do the work?

The majority of employment agreements in New Zealand have a 90 day trial period during which the employer can assess your skills and elect to terminate or continue the contract. For this reason it is essential that you do not misrepresent yourself in the interview phase.

What about insurance?

We suggest you purchase travel insurance before leaving your home country to cover you until you are fully settled in New Zealand.