About New  Zealand

About New Zealand

New Zealand is a small country similar in size to England. With just 4.4 million people, most of whom reside in the top half of the North Island, it is a place of pristine natural beauty. The ocean and mountains are never far away and outdoor life is central to New Zealand culture. For the adventurous there is hiking, skiing, sailing, surfing, rugby and of course bungy jumping. Beautiful snow capped alps, clear lakes, deserted beaches and geothermal activity, as well as unique flora and fauna, are very accessible as travel distances are relatively small.

New Zealand is a great place! However, many New Zealanders choose to leave its shores to experience life overseas. To counter that the NZ government aims to migrate 50,000 people annually into NZ. The process of getting to New Zealand to work can be very straight forward. The Maori people are the original people of New Zealand. Around 150 years ago adventurers and immigrants from England, Scotland, Ireland, and China began to arrive. Today, New Zealand has one of the most diverse populations in the world with more than a quarter of the population born overseas. People of all nationalities are integrated into New Zealand culture.