Our Services

Our Services

At Construction Crew we are dedicated to assisting you with your Human Resource requirements and responsibilities. Our services include:

  • Recruitment – International and Domestic
  • Employee Settlement and Retention
  • HR Audits
  • HR Strategy Planning and Implementation
  • Employment Agreements, Position Descriptions and Person Specifications
  • Workplace Surveys
  • Codes of Conduct for Employees
  • HR Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Health and Safety Handbooks
  • Restructuring
  • Immigration New Zealand Employer Accreditation
  • Licensed Immigration Adviser

Recruitment - International and Domestic

Our recruitment staff can find you skilled, motivated employees to ensure that your business operates to maximum productivity. In our experience the world is abundant with aspiring workers eager for career and lifestyle opportunities in New Zealand. Once you have selected your employee from our candidates we will customise an individual employment agreement to your specifications and complete any other required documentation. We will monitor your employee’s progress through the visa application process, then on through the journey to New Zealand and towards settlement.

At Construction Crew we can provide you with immigration advice or we can direct you to information that is publicly available on the Immigration New Zealand website immigration.govt.nz. We can also assist employers with INZ application documentation, such as Employer Accreditation. We have two licensed immigration advisers who can provide professional assistance with immigration matters; Allister Simpson (200901795) and Catherine Poulter (201502647).

Employee Settlement and Retention

Understanding the complex process of migrating for employment assists both the migrant and the employer in maximising the human and economic opportunities of the relocation. Catherine Poulter, our principal consultant, has personally experienced the process of relocating to a traditional immigration economy to gain economic advantage. She has used this experience along with in-depth academic research has enable her to define the process towards integration, settlement and retention in a firm/industry/economy. Catherine is available to consult to your organisation to ensure both employer and migrant employees gain the most from the opportunity to relocate internationally to work in the New Zealand economy.

Skilled Migrant Retention Model™ Click on image below for larger view.

Settlement Curve

Source: INZ